Mom's Basement Stakes 2014


I've rechristened the draft contest as Mom's Basement Stakes, although there are no stakes, it just sounds good. In our first edition, we took the Buffalo Sabres' draft picks, and see who the pundit would have taken using their draft board. Last time we looked at the 2014 draft contest, Hockey News was a bit ahead. After 2015, to me, it looked close between me, the Hockey News, and Craig Button.

Looking at 2016, Button has crushed the rest of the field. Good years by Point, Johansson, Kase, and Kamenev has separated him from me, the Hockey News, and Tim Murray. A major problem for me and the Hockey News comes from one of our star players, Axel Holmstrom, was hurt. The Hockey News has also had Sam Bennett go south.

How do I read this? 8 - (among forwards) Reinhart
This means that Sam was the 8th best forward using my valuation. So I had a disappointing pick with Reinhart, a good pick with Barbashev. Holmstrom, as stated earlier, had an off year. Point was very good.

For 2014, using my draft board, I would have selected:
8 - (among forwards) Reinhart
17 - Barbashev
111 - Holmstrom
66 - (among defensemen) Glover
74 - Engvall
11 - Point
50 - Mayo
91 - Bristedt (overager)
- Kontos (overager 2 years)

The Hockey News:
34 - Bennett
17 Barbashev
33 McKeown
32 Dougherty
70 Brycen Martin
50 Dyson Mayo
54 Adam Ollas Mattsson
111 Axel Holmstrom
28 Jacob Middleton

8 - Sam Reinhart
25 Vlad Kamenev
11 Braydon Point
128 Anton Karlsson
9/56 Ondrej Kase
70 Brycen Martin
68 Spencer Watson
39 Vladislav Gavrikov
7 Emil Johansson

8 - Sam Reinhart
66 Brendan Lemieux
102 Eric Cornel
65 Vaclav Karabacek
(goaltender) Jonas Johansson
70 Brycen Martin
90 Maxwell Willman (overager)
76 Chris Brown
50 Victor Olofsson (overager)