Walking Through the Linemates Chart

There are some bugs here, sometimes players are duplicated, and I haven't done enough work where two players share a number. It's a work in progress. Additionally, the numbers come from the NHL's game log, which they don't always fix when they change credit to a score, I did notice that these charts only have Fedun with 6 points, instead of 7.

That said, let's say you want to know who is on the ice with Evander Kane when the other team scores on their power play. So open up the Linemates Chart in another browser tab.

Currently the program starts with Buffalo, but if it didn't, choose the team on the left. Choose Kane, and you will get the Chart of all of Kane's games, and who he played with. Notice the bottom row of dots, they indicate who won each game. So in that block of games Kane missed early in the season, the Sabres were 5-6. We are asking about Kane's play on the PK, so on the left side we click the three even strength buttons and the three power play buttons making them white (5x5,4x4,3x3,5x4,5x3,4x3).

At this point in mid-march, Kane has played about an hour on the PK, and has been on the ice for 11 goals against, and 1 goal for. If we click the blue PK min button on right, it tells us who plays on the PK for the Sabres. Look at the players on the left, and click none, they all turn white. First we try R O'Reilly, and we see on the right that Kane was on the ice for 1 goal with O'Reilly, played about 6 minutes, which means a per 60 of about 10. Next we try Grant, who played five minutes and gave up 3 goals. (And before you start swearing at Grant, check out the O'Reilly and Grant numbers together). Kane with Foligno, one goal in five or six minutes. Kane with Gionta, almost half an hour, 4 goals against, 1 for, for a net of about 6.5 for the pair. Kane with Rodriguez, about four minutes with nothing.

Second, we'll look at the strength of Evander's teammates and competition. This is really a even strength question, so go to the left side and click the three even strength until they're magenta, and the PP and PK until they're white. Now over on the right, the first green button is the strength of Kane's linemates. The button is green because green buttons are dependent on the current state of the game (even strength, PP, PK) where blue buttons don't care. So click on the first green button, and it lists the Sabres' players by how many minutes of PP time their linemates have. As you see, Kane's linemates, including himself, get about 6.5 minutes of PP time a game, much less than Okposo's top rate of 8.8. The second green button tells you the strength of his defensemen, does Bylsma play him with defensemen who play on the PK? The answer is, not as much as Larsson, who the Sabres play against the tougher opponents. The third green button is very similar, does Kane play against the opponents best forwards? Again, not as much as Larsson. The fourth green button asks if Kane plays against the other teams best defensemen, again, not as much as Okposo. The last green button is the net, which is the Okposo on one end and Larsson on the other, is the players net, which is the easier minutes minus the tough minutes.

I believe the Sabres use their lines different than the norm, in that the Bruins play Bergeron and Marchand against the other teams top line. Edmonton uses Nugent-Hopkins and McDavid most against the other top lines. Chicago uses their two top lines against top lines. Colorado uses McKinnon against the other top line, Torono uses Komerov. I'll have to do a better count.

Third, lets look at Kane with Eichel and Reinhart. So hit the back button(top left) if you're checking out Marchand or McDavid, choose the Sabres again and Kane. Hit the none teammates, add Eichel and Reinhart. Lets only look at the even strength, so click those out. Right now Kane has 17 points, or 2.46 per 60 when Kane is playing with Eichel OR Reinhart. The bottom left has an AND button, which shows that Kane with Eichel AND Reinhart has 6 points 2.31 per 60.